March 31, 2015

6 Reasons To Use Pinterest For Business

Find out what it is and how it can help your business.

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking service which allows users to save (‘pin’), share and curate collections of images. Users are overwhelmingly female and tend to trend older than most other social networks. It’s the place to be if you’re involved in the Home & Garden, Beauty & Fitness, Food & Drink or Shopping industries. The emphasis is on aspirational content, fantastic imagery and helpful infographics.

1. It’s On The Rise

Pinterest will hit 50 million active users in 2015

Mashable estimates that Pinterest will hit 50 million active users in 2015- something to keep in mind if you sell your product online. For those of you with brick and mortar stores, take note of its promising growth in this country. The IPSOS/MRBI Social Networking Quarterly Survey for February 2015 showed that 13% of social network account users in Ireland are on Pinterest.

2. It’s Not About The Hard Sell

The truth is that it’s not just about selling, it’s about social selling. It’s about building relationships with your customers. Despite the introduction of rich pins with extra product information, this is still true for Pinterest. Consumers are wary of constantly being bombarded with adverts and luckily, many businesses are beginning to learn this. By uploading and sharing interesting and relevant content, your Pinterest account should allow you to position yourself as an influencer in your industry. Your customers can then become your brand ambassadors.

For example, our recent work for a bridal store included Pin Boards for each designer they stock. These boards included gorgeous imagery and direct links back to the individual product page on their website. That’s the selling part.

We also created boards for flowers, cakes, photography, seasonal weddings, stationery and many more types of inspiration to increase engagement and get the store’s brand seen by other brides-to-be. That’s the relationship part.


3. It’s More Than Just Boards

Pinterest is incredibly useful for link building, allowing you to send quality users back to your website. A Pinterest widget can allow almost anyone in your store to quickly showcase new products on your website. It’s also valuable for exposure in Google Images, with product searches allowing your carefully created content to be seen by users outside Pinterest.

Adding a ‘Pin it’ button to your website is an easy way to allow your site visitors become your marketeers. Three months after added the Pin It button, people added more than 50,000 recipes from their website, leading to 139 million impressions on Pinterest1.

4. Customers Can Help Your Research

For any marketing strategy to be successful, it’s vital to learn about your customers. Who are they? What do they want? What can you give them that your competitors can’t? Get to know their likes and dislikes. You can get stuck in with Google Analytics and customer surveys. This can take some time.

Luckily, the continued rise of Pinterest has allowed customers become their own curators and do a lot of the legwork for you. For your Pinterest strategy to work it’s important to follow back, like Pins, respond to comments, glance through your followers’ boards and understand what your customers expect from you. Imagine the possibilities of building direct marketing emails or special offer pop-ups based on your customers’ own Pins!

5. Pinterest Users Have Buying Power

It’s not just that Pinterest users are shouting about their desire to buy, they reportedly have the highest rate of spending power than users of other social networks.

80% of Pinterest users are female

Keeping in mind that 80% of Pinterest users are female, it’s also worth noting that that women’s spending power is continually growing, with Forbes estimating they control over $20 trillion in annual consumer spending globally. Brick and mortar stores can do well too from online curation too; a 2013 Harvard study showed that Pinterest drives reverse showrooming- customers who browse online and then buy offline.

6. It Looks Like It’s Working

With a reported valuation of $11bn, Pinterest’s appealing visual-led approach is obviously working for them, and for their users. With the recent launch of Amazon Exclusives, it looks like something other companies seem to be taking note of. 

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