November 29, 2016

6 Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

Create a personal feel with this disappearing medium.

Since my last blog about Snapchat for business in March 2015, the number of users in Ireland has continued to grow at a steady rate. Ipsos MRBI’s October 2016 report shows that 28% of Irish social messaging account owners are on Snapchat.


% Social Messaging Account Users. Image: Ipsos MRBI

Of these, a significant majority (67%) use the app on a daily basis, compared to 59% for WhatsApp, 53% for Facebook Messenger and 33% for Viber.


% Of Daily Users. Image: Ipsos MRBI

On November 15th Reuters reported that Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc, had filed confidentially for its Initial Public Offering. While the recent US release of Snap’s Spectacles has caused a buzz, there’s no word yet on when they will be on offer this side of the pond. One thing is for sure- it appears that Snapchat won’t be going anywhere soon.

For an overview on Snapchat’s features and demographic make-up, check out my previous blog. For six suggestions of ways in which you can use Snapchat to promote your business, read on!

Six Ways To Use Snapchat For Business:

  • 1. Embrace the feel of exclusivity which a messaging app allows by revealing Snapchat-only promotional codes to your followers. For use in-store, encourage your customers to screengrab the Snap and show it to staff at the check-out. If encouraging customers to purchase via an online shop, have the code expire after a very limited period. This reflects the fast-paced, temporary nature of the app’s persona.
  • 2. Reveal behind the scenes/events and goings on in your place of business. Invite your customers to join you as you unpack new stock, dress a window or attend a trade show. Don’t be afraid to use filters to slow down or speed up your video Snaps and create some variety. Save your stories as video clips for later use on other social media sites.
    Ask your followers for input on a choice between potential products or brands to be stocked. Sure, you’ll increase your Snapchat engagement rates and build your followers, but most importantly- getting advice from your customers means you can stay on top what what they like/want/need/desire.
  • 3. Link with an influencer who has an existing, quality relationship with your target audience. Ideally you’ll get the best bang for your buck by having this takeover coincide with a big event such as a product launch or new stock unveiling. Pre-event you can target advertising to the influencer’s fans on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to help make sure you get as large a ready audience as possible. Research possible influencers and offer a compelling reason to partner with you. It should go without saying but someone who likes your product & genuinely enjoys working with your business will leave a much better impression on the Snapchat audience.
  • 4. Snapchat can be a fantastic platform to demonstrate products. Show your followers how to assemble or operate items with a step-by-step Snapchat story. Show your knowledge of the best tips and tricks for getting the most from your product. Is your product customisable or ‘hackable’? Show customers how they can do it themselves. Use an overlaid text link to drive people to your website for further information.
  • 5. Who knows your business better than the people on the ground? Feature staff as brand ambassadors and encourage them to pitch ideas for and create dynamic Snapchat content. Don’t be afraid embrace Snapchat’s tools and make it fun. The chat function is useful to let customers know when a product they have ordered has arrived, or to answer questions in real time.
    Having real people on camera will ensure your account has a personal feel. Training from consultants (such as yours truly!) or attendance at social media workshops can help ensure best practice and professionalism. Who knows, you might spark a marketing career! Obviously, you should make sure any extra responsibility here is reflected in staff remuneration.
  • 6. Rope your customers in to create content for you. Ask people to Snap a product you stock, or an image featured in-store or in print advertising and send it to your business. Remember to include your Snapcode on any promotional materials to build followers. Encourage Snappers to get creative and add their own spin with filters and drawings. Offer a prize for added incentive. Screengrab these images and use them on other social channels to drive more Snapchat followers.

Secret Tip Number 7 (Coming Soon):

Snapchat’s geofilters allow users to overlay a particular image on their snap, once they are within a designated radius. Unfortunately this service is currently unavailable in Ireland, but once launched here it will provide businesses with another great way to advertise on Snapchat. We’ll be providing geofilter creation services as soon as it arrives!

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