April 1, 2015

April Fools’ Day

Here's a round up of my favourite April Fools' Day pranks this year.

These days most brands are expected to come out with a fun April Fools’ Day prank. Of course, these jokes aren’t really intended to fool anyone- if done well, it’s a great way to get shares, retweets and some free publicity from the dozens of ‘Best Of’ lists which follow. Like this one!

Adverts featured on Spotify today announced that playlist aggregator Topsify has launched new technology which will deliver your favourite playlists by drone;

Topsify Drone

Those jokesters over at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (better known as CERN) claimed to have confirmed the existence of The Force;

The Force_CERN

The logical next step after the selfie stick, New York fashion brand Miz Mooz announced their new product- Selfie Shoes;

selfie shoes

Microsoft launched their Outlook Ground Service, though perhaps missed out on some retweets and conversation around their announcement by including the April Fools hashtag:

Outlook Ground Service Corporate Gift experts Logo X unveiled their new marketing initiative to use staff as promotional items with Logo X Tattoos:

Logo X Tatts

BMW announced a new range of mouth guards which offer rugby players the same impact protection as BMW drivers get;BMW

And finally, what I hope is an April Fools’ Day prank- Asos have announced a clip-in ‘man bun’ which claims to be ‘an easy way to get the look without the hassle or maintenance of growing long hair’;

Asos Man Bun

Have you spotted any good April Fools’ Day pranks? Did you pull one? Let me know!