February 20, 2015

Case Study: Moderne Bridal

Website redesign and digital marketing strategy for a prominant Cork bridal store.

Read on to see how we tackled their website and digital marketing strategy, and what the end result was!

Who are they?

The Moderne is a prominent 100-year old store situated in the centre of Cork city. The bridal department had recently moved into dedicated new premises and were looking for a fresh online identity to reinforce their brand and grow their customer base. Our aim was to reflect the extreme importance of this product to the consumer with a trustworthy, professional and modern identity.

What did we do for their website?

A complete redesign of the site was carried out, with the priority placed on large images and an easy to navigate layout. The slideshow provided a great place to display the fantastic product shots and provided a prominent direct link to view the products available from each of the major designers.

moderne bridal

Among other changes was a reorganisation of the menu, which grouped products into clear categories, with the drop down allowing further narrowing of the options. The ‘New Arrivals’ carousel on the home page provided an easy yet visible way to highlight the latest products. The integrated Facebook and Pinterest panels invited page visitors to connect with the store on social media- an important aspect of marketing to the bridal consumer.

Maggie Sottero Carmen - The Moderne Bridal

We established a standard description layout and rewrote the blurb for each product, making them SEO friendly and easy to read. We also made sure that the fantastic, high-quality images were optimised for search engines. This ensured that the organic visitors each month were higher than paid ones, enticing quality prospective customers.

Monthly site visits increased by 63% between Feb 2014 and Jan 2015.

What did we do with their social media presence?

Facebook is the primary social media channel for targeting the bridal market in Ireland. We built on their existing page to add quality images with descriptions and establish a professional and uniform tone which customers could come to trust. Paid advertising was used to reach more potential customers, with Facebook’s targeting tools ensuring that the budget was spent wisely. We employed the 80/20 rule to reduce the chances of hides or unlikes.

Facebook page likes grew by 77% between Mar 2014 and  Feb 2015.

Though Pinterest is not yet a major social media channel in Ireland, we did take advantage of its popularity with brides and its chance to provide quality backlinks which helped to increase search engine rankings.

We also ensured that the newly created logo and three-colour identity was consistent and appropriately scaled across all social media.

What else did we do?

Among the other services provided was the establishment of Google Adwords campaigns which provided a steady stream of relevant site visitors, though the strong SEO on the website ensured that the organic reach was always higher.

To further assist with organic search rankings, we ensured that the bridal store obtained a verified, keyword-filled presence on Google Maps and Google Business.

We also listed the business on and created banner ads for relevant blogs, forums and community sites, monitoring same for opportunities to respond to queries or attract new customers.

So, what was the result?

Over the course of one year, there was a 67% increase in bridal fitting appointments made with the store.

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The above is an overview of a selection of strategies employed- obviously we can’t give away all our trade secrets!