November 8, 2016

Digital Marketing’s Role In The US Election

For the day that's in it!

As the 2016 United States Presidential election (finally!) draws to a close, I’ve taken a look at the role Digital Marketing has played in this election cycle. Here’s a round-up of some of the most interesting/ informative articles I’ve come across:


APCO Forum: Three Election Trends Impacting the Future of Digital Marketing Communications

The value of Hillary’s website traffic compared to Donald’s famed social media presence: Presidential Election 2016: Who’s winning at digital marketing?

Not just Digital: Huffington Post also looks at the campaigns’ use of platforms such as TV and Outdoor Advertising: US Election 2016: Marketing the Next President

Social Media Today: Tracking the 2016 US Presidential Election with Social Media

Martech Advisor: Follow Presidential Elections 2016 Closely to Get a Fresh Perspective on Digital Marketing

Net Imperative: US election: Which presidential candidate has the best email marketing campaign?

Inspiria Media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: Digital Marketing in the 2016 Presidential Election

American Marketing Association looks at brands that have jumped on the election bandwagon: 5 Clever Ways Brands Use Election-inspired Marketing

KVA Digital: US Election can show brands the power of live video

And a personal favourite- today the Clinton campaign took on the current viral hot tip, the Mannequin Challenge, topped with an on-the-nose tagline:

Have you seen any interesting or noteworthy articles? Let me know via twitter!

(Blog image credit: Livestream)