November 21, 2016

Top Tips For Facebook Competitions

Here's how to run a quality Facebook timeline competition.

Facebook competitions can be a great way to build your customer base, boost engagement and encourage new page likes.

If you want to collect email addresses or other customer information, make it easy with third-party competition software. This will help you organise all of the data you collect. Remember to make sure it’s mobile friendly! Some great options include Gleam, Shortstack and Woobox.


Image: Photoproseo

If you’d like to increase engagement or add Likes to your page, try running a Facebook timeline contest. Remember that while building the number of page Likes is important, it’s more important that these are quality Likes- people who are interested in buying what you are selling. Otherwise your organic Facebook updates will seem like you are screaming into space. Use your competition as a chance to promote a new product or service and avoid running competitions for competitions’ sake.

Facebook’s page guidelines includes a section on strict competition guidelines, so there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Failure to comply with these rules could result in the deletion of your page (without notice) and the loss of the audience you have worked to build. In order to avoid this, here are a couple of my top tips for Facebook timeline competitions:

You CAN ask people to enter by:

  • Liking A Post
  • Commenting On A Post
  • Posting On A Page
  • Messaging A Page
  • Clicking Through To An Entry Form On Your Website

You CANNOT ask people to enter by:

  • Sharing A Page
  • “Liking and Sharing”
  • Tagging A Friend In A Post

When choosing your winner, make sure the process is transparent. Film a member of staff picking a name from a hat (more great content!) or use an app like Woobox’s Pick A Winner and screengrab the results.

It’s worth noting that Facebook’s competition rules can change periodically, so take a quick look at their own guidelines before getting started. Good luck!

If you’d like assistance with running a Facebook competition, or any other aspect of your social media presence, get in touch! Email to get started.