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Laura Hayes

I’m currently available for hire on a freelance or contract basis.

I’m a Cork-based digital marketer, writer, website manager and tech nerd who spends too much time online. After completing my degree in Media & Communication Studies and English Literature, I spent 5 years working in television advertising. In 2014 I made the move to digital marketing and in 2016 I received a Postgraduate Diploma from The Digital Marketing Institute.

I’ve worked as a content creator in a variety of industries, including: travel, bridal, hospitality, medical, retail and theatre. My wide-ranging experience means I’m used to getting quickly up to speed with a new subject. Then, I can identify areas for improvement and help that business better communicate with their customers. I can also teach clients how to better understand what the all-important statistics are telling them.

My digital marketing skills include:

  • Blogging & website content writing (read examples here)
  • Social media account analysis & management
  • SEO
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Graphic design for social media
  • Digital photography
  • Social media video production & post-production

In my free time I read non-fiction, take photographs, write bad poetry and drink far too much coffee. Want to keep in touch? Follow me on LinkedIn or pop an email to


“In her role as Digital Marketing Executive at The Maryborough Laura was most professional, enthusiastic and diligent. Her creativity was tested and her indepth knowledge of social media, online marketing, trends and analysis were vital to the organisation to succeed. She provided great support to the sales team in pursuit of KPI’s and goals through digital channels.”  

-Mary Bernard, Sales & Marketing Manager, Maryborough Hotel & Spa.

“Laura worked with me for 5 years and I can highly recommend her. She is extremely competent technically. She had a great enthusiasm and drive for developing the business and showed great initiative.”

-Gerri Holmes, Managing Director, Commercials World.

“Absolutely super!! Have used Partikular a few times now and every time it turns out exactly what I want. Got help getting business card, leaflets, posters, FB and ads done right for me and my business. Laura’s eye for details, getting to know customers and their business is fantastic! Most of all the research work behind the job goes beyond!!!”

-Maya O’Brien, Proprietor, Bridal Boudoir.